Kitchen roses

Bought some cheap red and yellow roses from a local North-West London supermarket last week. They were all scrunched up and mangled. Put them in a vase. Added some water and spilled out the contents of the liquid “food” sachets that came with them into it. Went away for a few days and came back to this:

Now that your rose is in bloom. A light hits the gloom on the grey.
(Taken with cameraphone in the kitchen.)

Normal service will be resumed shortly. I think.

Happy Days

Slow blog month. Thinking of something boring to post about, but there’s too much interesting stuff going on. In the meantime here is a short video of a 3 year old girl saying the days of the week in Japanese, Spanish and French:

3 year old London girl saying days of the week in Japanese, Spanish & French
(Turn up volume)

(Apols to those who’ve seen this before!)