Halfway house

Halfway into 2008. Where did June go? I had to look back through the month in my Flickr photostream to try to work that out. Click on the green button below for a slideshow of my favourite images of June from the few that I have.

As usual, all pictures were taken with my cameraphone; at the 2 megapixel setting. Musical accompaniment is “Maar Sutiya” from a 2005 “Bollywood” film called Deewane Huye Paagal.

Mozarella di Campana

The Euro 2008 football match between Netherlands and Italy last night was class. I have to say I was quite amazed by the Dutch team’s comprehensive defeat of Italy, and even more amazed by the style and flair of their achievement against the current world champions.

Well, at least there are many other things that the Italians are world class at, even if their football might not be of late; and this is one of them:

Mozarella with tomato and basil. The colours and taste of Italy.
(Taken with my cameraphone just before indulging in this taste sensation.)

Easy to prepare: Marks & Spencer are carrying imported Mozarella di Bufala Campana in a small hand-separated ball for around two quid (4 bucks). Slice it up into 8 rounds, and do the same with a large, chunky “beefsteak” tomato. Drizzle the tomato slices in extra-virgin, organic olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. Lay out the tomato slices on a serving plate and arrange the mozarella slices on top. Garnish with large, well-formed, leaves of a bunch of fresh basil and serve as an appetiser to the next football match.