City of London

Returned from a weekend away in the outer Western suburbs of London earlier this week. Although Vancouver is a very pleasant place, and Los Angeles International Airport is a humdrum of a place to connect, neither accept Oystercards yet. For my return bus journey I like to get an “F” seat, as most flights on final approach into Heathrow approach from the East, and if you’re lucky to have a cloud-free sky, you’ll get a great view of the Docklands, The City and West End as the plane tracks the river westwards.

Unfortunately for me this time I could only get an “A” seat, which means a great view of South London’s .. er .. suburbs and … er … Croydon. And it was cloudy. But, my luck was in when as my plane undertook some manoeuvre that involved descending by heading South-Eastwards over the city first, and there it was as we popped out from just under a cloud:

A rare Eastward view over the City of London.
(Taken with my cameraphone aboard a 777 coming in to London Heathrow.)

You can clearly see St.Paul’s Cathedral, The Barbican, Tower 42, Swiss Re, Tower Bridge, and more. Fascinating. You can explore the original-size view of this pic here. And there is another shot I took a moment later where Docklands comes into distant view.

Happy Diwali

The rapidly darkening evenings tells us that it’s that time of year again. For all those celebrating a little light, hope and optimism: a very happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali 2008 from London’s Trafalgar Square.
(Pictures taken with my cameraphone at the Mayor of London’s “Diwali in the Square” event.)

In these forever uncertain times, wishing peace, good health and good karma to all those who click-through to here from wherever you come from.


I love that word, it’s so descriptive. Almost onomatopoeic.

(Taken with my cameraphone at Liverpool Street tube station Eastbound platform.)

Yet more waiting. Central Line Westbound at Liverpool Street. Although I am told that in Mumbai it could it be worse. A part of me finds that hard to believe. I waited for three trains to pass before I managed to (only just) squeeze on. Silly me; should’ve known that most of the East End heading west would not necessarily get off at Liverpool Street during the morning rush hour. A face full of hair-gel later I was at my destination in the City. It would’ve been faster to walk it, but something willed me to persist in the quest to squeeze in, get on, and get there.