4G vs Broadband

Tech talk warning:

Stuff happens. Just before Christmas:

My old Samsung Galaxy S3 died on me. A complicated scenario in our household resulted in a couple of Sony Xperia smartphones being acquired and shuffled about.

We have 4G coverage from the mobile phone company in our house, and these Sony Xperia smartphones have 4G chipsets in them.

We also have Broadband in our house, the old non-fibre-optic kind technically known as ADSL 2+and like most people do, our smartphones connect to our home WiFi whenever they’re within range. The belief that it’s much faster (and cheaper) than using “mobile data” inside our home.

So, I thought it would be informative to do a quick test:


Both smartphones running an Android app called Ookla Sepedtest. Both side by side. One on 4G, one on WiFi home broadband.

The result is astonishing.

The 4G network is more than twice as fast for downloading (32 Mbps on 4G vs 14 Mbps on WiFi), and more than 14 times as fast for uploading (17 Mbps on 4G vs 1.2 Mbps on WiFi).

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