Beautiful bus

Traffic in the London rush hour inevitably leads to occasions when two (or even three) buses all turn up at more or less the same time. What happens afterwards is a predictable series of overtaking manouvres: the first bus stops to pick you up; the second bus overtakes and stops to pick up the people waiting at the next stop down the route; and what was the first bus overtakes that to pick up people waiting at the stop one further down the route from where the second bus stopped. The net effect of when this graceful form of bus “dancing” happens is that it occurs very confidently all the way down to the termination point of the route – getting the people on those buses to their destinations twice as fast as is normal when only one bus comes along. But only so long as nobody wants to get off the bus at a potential “overtake” stop – which is when the rhythm stutters slightly – or else when the traffic upsets the flow. Which does happen quite often of course.

This is a cameraphone picture I took of a Route 79 bus taken on a beautiful Spring morning last week from the back of the upper deck of another 79 bus which was in front at the time:

What a beautiful bus. On such a beautiful day.
(Route 79 Southbound on Honeypot Lane in Kingsbury, London NW9)

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