City of London

Returned from a weekend away in the outer Western suburbs of London earlier this week. Although Vancouver is a very pleasant place, and Los Angeles International Airport is a humdrum of a place to connect, neither accept Oystercards yet. For my return bus journey I like to get an “F” seat, as most flights on final approach into Heathrow approach from the East, and if you’re lucky to have a cloud-free sky, you’ll get a great view of the Docklands, The City and West End as the plane tracks the river westwards.

Unfortunately for me this time I could only get an “A” seat, which means a great view of South London’s .. er .. suburbs and … er … Croydon. And it was cloudy. But, my luck was in when as my plane undertook some manoeuvre that involved descending by heading South-Eastwards over the city first, and there it was as we popped out from just under a cloud:

A rare Eastward view over the City of London.
(Taken with my cameraphone aboard a 777 coming in to London Heathrow.)

You can clearly see St.Paul’s Cathedral, The Barbican, Tower 42, Swiss Re, Tower Bridge, and more. Fascinating. You can explore the original-size view of this pic here. And there is another shot I took a moment later where Docklands comes into distant view.

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