Exit 6

It was the third time visit to a house on Birdcage Walk that marked the first time I got it right: Exit 6 At Westminster is the most efficient route to the destination. And a real treat of audio, visual and olfactory tapestry too; from brutally concrete and bare metal cavern, via passageways with walls asserting “Heathrow Obviously” along their entire length, up and out towards a surface of pompous grandeur embellished with modern global citizenship, spatially unaware and bearing camera phones and selfie-sticks.

The telephone boxes over here are the most heavily utilised in London I’m sure.

Let’s go to work – from Exit 6 towards Birdcage Walk

It’s sometimes hard to believe that the theme park that is Westminster is where some serious stuff really does get done.

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  1. For the love of all things Indian, where have your recipes gone? I used to love making your rogan josh, but the recipe has gone, gone, gone….

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