Final approach

Whenever I fly abroad for business reasons – I always try to get checked in to a seat on the return flight to London on the right-hand-side window seat of the plane. This is because most of the time, the final approach into Heathrow is a Westbound approach – and, therefore, being next to a right-hand-side window means I get a fantastic view of Central London as we approach Heathrow for landing.

It doesn’t always work out though – as it really depends on the direction of the prevailing wind at the time. In the UK we mostly get Westerly winds – i.e. winds that approach from the West. This is because of our position in the Northern hemisphere close to the Atlantic “jet stream”. And given that planes like to take off and land in conditions that involve the minimum of “ground speed” – this means flying *into* the prevailing wind on take-off and landing. Which means West most of the time. (The reason why planes fly into the wind is to conserve fuel and to shorten the take-off and landing distance as much as possible I think.)

Looking out the window, London is like a “toytown”. The sight is one to behold – and is always rather breathtaking.

I took this pic on my return from Munich last Monday.

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