Foxtons Mini

If you work for London-based real-estate agent called Foxtons – then chances are that you’re given a company car as part of your employee benefits package. Furthermore – such a car is probably a semi-personalised new-style Mini – personalised in the sense that it has your unique employee identification number painted on it – emblazoned amidst the supposedly trendy, flowery, corporate livery that makes up the Foxton’s brand.

Honestly though, I’m not so sure that it’s a “benefit” as such. Being an estate agent (or “sales negotiator” in 21st century parlance) you’re in probably one of the UK’s most hated professions (beaten only by traffic wardens and parking attendants I’m sure) – so having a car that sticks out like like a sore thumb makes you immediately identifiable as an estate agent. No matter how “work hard, play hard” the progressive ethic and uniformity in image that Foxtons tries to make out to be – you’re still just an estate-agent!

Waiting at a bus stop on Ealing Common this evening – I spotted the following distinctive Foxtons Mini. This one is the estate-agent’s answer to life the universe and everything. Personally, I would be embarrassed to drive such a thing.

Car belonging to employee number 42 of Foxton’s Estate-Agents
(Would you be embarrassed to drive that car?)

Apologies to those of you who work for Foxtons – or who are in the real-estate trade. I don’t really mean it. Just parody! :o)

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