Freshly painted road

Walking from my front door to my usual bus stop in my neighbourhood – I have to cross a few little side-roads. The other day I noticed that one of them had been freshly resurfaced and painted.

Freshly painted road.

This made me think. London’s roads are actually quite colourful these days. Whereas the general surface of the roads are greyish-black and the lane markings and give-way (yield) markings are white – there are many other colours used – for example – yellow lines and double-yellow lines for parking restrictions (or double red lines on some arterial routes). Box junctions are yellow-hatched. The cycle lanes are bright green. The part of the road surface where the bus stops are bright red – and the bus lanes themselves are often coloured red (or maroon) too. I think that London’s roads are the most colourful, nicely-patterned and consistently-marked roads in the world!

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