Indian Prices

There is a major bus stop in Alperton – which is the penultimate stop on the Southbound vector of the 79 London bus route. It’s on Ealing Road – right outside a mini “strip-mall” style building complex – which amongst several small Indian boutiques and beauty parlours, houses The Clay Oven banqueting suites – a Fitness First health club, a famous Indian jewellers and a famous Indian clothes and fashion store called RCKC London.

The latter is proud of announcing that it’s amazingly-expensive designer sarees and lenghas are sold at “Indian” prices:

Does “Indian prices” mean “expensive”?

I often gaze into the RCKC store when I switch from Route 79 to Route 83 to get to Ealing Broadway in the mornings – and I am amazed at the prices of the clothes modelled by the mannequins in the window display. They are, in my view, significantly and relatively expensive. So – when I saw the banner in the picture above the other day – it really made me wonder.

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