17 thoughts on “IKEA Wembley

  1. I’m sure they’ll do it at some point James. Daytripping to IKEA seems to be quite a pastime for many people and I’m sure that the MK store will take some pressure off the Wembley one …

  2. Hey Chakra, I remember making exactly such a trip (to buy a shoe rack) ages ago! But we also came back home with a baf og 100 tea lights called “Glimma” ! 🙂 Perhaps everybody does that kind of IKEA trip at least once in a lifetime?

  3. I’m iterested in a security job on the Ikea store can you send me a message with a phone number with whom may I contact regarding this…Thank you for your time 07717534062

  4. Brilliant Jag… first website (apart from hotmail) I checked into once i got back on line following a tiny problem with PC over easter…. long easter breakdown…

    Can’t see that happening in my local IKEA in Lausanne!

  5. I’m a house hasband, my son is bigger now. I would like to have a job in your Ikea.

    please let me know


    Xing Liu

  6. Hi,

    V. cool site & recipes! Site details passed on by a lovely friend who says your food is really authentic. I have planned to do the nibblies & the lamb rogan josh in the next few days.

    Great salmon masala tonight also%

    Cool photography also!

  7. i didnt like one of the manager how works in ikea wembley in the resturant. his name is mohamed he is very rude to the customers and to the staff he can’t . I personaly didnt see a manager like that, i and many people how saw him wouls say he is a bulley and he dont deserve to be a manager.

  8. i dont get what the person said above
    How about before complaining bout others he/she sort the way he she talks.

    Poor grammar

  9. Went to Ikea wembley today and I received excellent service from a member of staff called faiz from the checkout dept very polite and professional

  10. i use to work at ikea,part time ,then full time nights,couter balance driver?1992 ,till 2007,made redundant?i still going strong>?

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