Bank Holiday

It’s Bank Holiday weekend this weekend. Well, here in UK it is. And an excellent weekend of rain. An excellent weekend to waste away time indoors in front of a computer randomly reading blogs and such like. So here’s a colourful picture of some chappals to brighten up a dull and grey morning.

Colourful footwear in the basement of Saree Mandir in Belgrave Road.
(Taken with my cameraphone in Leicester, which is just another suburb of London.)

Some alternative places to click your way on to:

Diamond Geezer offers some suggestions for things to do on a rainy Bank Holiday weekend in London.

Pewari offers a good reason why a camera could come in handy during footpath rage incidents. (Ah, I nearly forgot, most mobile phones have cameras in them these days.)

Pop over to Neha’s place to view the “Zimmers” singing The Who’s My Generation.

Read the latest in the life of North West London bus driver James.

Laura, a German in Britain, wonders all about hair straighteners.

Fancy a Naughty Curry? This commentary of a variation of a Route 79 recipe always makes me laugh.

Or how about taking part in a completely non-political discussion at Pickled Politics?

Browse through some excellent photos of London at

Drool over ideas for incorporating mangoes into heavenly-looking desserts at Indira’s wonderfully photogenic Indian cooking pages.

One of my Korean-based Flickr contacts is visiting Australia.

Enjoy the weekend!

7 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. I wish I had read these tips earlier today – I have seriously idled the day away. Actually, quite nice really as am working very hard at the moment so I don’t feel that guilty. Previous post: jacks! I was a champion jack player – I had grey metal ones and coloured metal ones. I wish they weren’t made out of plastic now. Thanks for reminding me of them. Happy Bank Holiday.

  2. Your photo could be more clear and sharp after optimization. Here is the demo (

  3. Cheers Rockmother! I too wish they weren’t plastic now, it’s actually harder to grab several of them at once now, whereas the metal ones were heavier and didn’t go flying all over the place when you tried to quickly “round them up”.

    Thank you for the reference to picopti Aben, I’m not really a user of Picasa but others might find it useful.

    It worked Chakra. Are you still getting an error?

    Cheers HappyB!

  4. Those are cute! Leicester…..I have yet to go here….have heard so much about it.
    You have a pretty cool site. 🙂


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