Moment in time

I did exactly 4175 cameraphone web-uploads in 2008. By far the majority are mundane in subject, and mediocre in quality. But every one of them tells a story. Especially if you stare at them hard enough. I didn’t know with which one to close out the year, so I chose the one that sits closest in time to the the middle-most point of the year:

Every picture tells a story if you stare at it hard enough.
(Taken with my cameraphone at almost the exact mid-point of 2008.)

Wishing everyone who lands here all the best for the New Year!

12 thoughts on “Moment in time

  1. Three men and three women wait for a bus. Each one perhaps a descendant of families from
    the former British Empire. The men are scattered but the women are clustered; Note how one leans casually on the chair upon which another sits, adjusting the heel of her shoe. The two standing women appear to be quite close together and the man with the valise may be in their party.

    These people may be known to each other. But no matter, my eyes are drawn to the lovely
    Girl adjusting her heel. This picture tells the story that no matter where a bus , or modern life may lead us the power of a woman’s mystique crosses all cultural lines and is forever. Nice pic !

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