12 thoughts on “Faith & Fiction

  1. Yes, this picture could be the evidence that this deeply religious institute indeed promotes understanding of multiple faiths as you suggested, but it could also show that this institute simply qualifies Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism as ideologies that equal fiction. Fact?

  2. Without meaning to offend anyone’s beliefs I would suggest that Fiction should be used as a header in Bold and Underlined.

    Puts on tin hat…

  3. Hey Bernie; everyone’s entitled to a constructive opinion and not have to wear tin hat for doing so. I’m sure there are others who share the same sentiment re fiction in bold too.

  4. Considering though that usually adherents of one particular faith don’t think of their own religion as fiction, this sign can actually promote understanding of different faiths.

  5. Sheesh, I just click on a ‘My Homepage’ link from another site and, within two minutes, I’m finging something that has got me laughing my socks off!
    Hmmm… I think I’m going to enjoy looking at this site some more

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