Planes, trains and mobiles

My mobile phone’s an accumulator of moving-image junk. But string’em together, speed them up, upload them to Flickr and you’ve got something like a “day in the life” in 90 seconds. Add some punchy music and you have a home-made rush. Turn it up and click on the arrow in the middle of the pic below:

Planes, trains and automobiles
(All clips taken with my mobile phone on, above or below London’s public surfaces.)

In order: Blackwall Tunnel, Oxford Street tube station, Tower Bridge from a plane coming in to land at London City Airport, Baker Street (Bakerloo Line platform), Canary Wharf from above, Jubilee Line arriving at Kingsbury Station, The O2 from above Docklands, exiting the barriers at Kingsbury tube station, Ms.79 making fresh roti (chappati), driving around Francis Road in Leyton, East London.

Music is Aag (fire) by Ms Scandalous and the Punjabi Hit Squad featuring Alyssia. Ignore (and please try to forgive) the desperately cheesy rap, it’s the headbangingly, leg-twitchingly, addictive beat that gets you, plus of course the audio cameo of Alyssia’s beautiful singing voice. If you have the excellent Spotify player (the best music app on Planet Earth at the moment) then simply click here. If you haven’t got Spotify then GET IT NOW! It’s ace. (Apologies in advance; Spotify might only be available to some European users only.)

13 thoughts on “Planes, trains and mobiles

  1. Jag, this is fantastic! It works really well. Brilliant beat, brilliant images, good editing.

    If I’m going to pick a (tiny) little hole, I’d say it could do with a stronger ending (visually, and audio). Punchy audio ending – plus some kind of arrival visually?

    Anyway, I’m off to download the track!

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback Sasa, I agree with you 100% that the ending could be a lot more finessed and your suggestion is spot on. Unfortunately Flickr video hosting only permits 90 seconds of video so I ran out of time;
    Hope you enjoy the track, it’s a really good “wake me up and get me in the mood to tackle the day” number πŸ™‚

  3. Cheers jkelly! I have to admit I feel a little guilty for the longer-than-usual absence now! πŸ™‚ Trying to make up for it a bit. All the best!

  4. Great vid, great song. I’m a big fan of Spotify too, going off to look for this song on there…

  5. Amazing blog you have it here, I came across it while I was searching for the ‘daal’ recipe and found an amazing array of recipes and the great thing for a semi-dyslexian like me, is that directions are accompanied by pictures πŸ™‚

    Thank you so very much…

    btw, the videos are wonderful, I’m surprised they are taken from a mobile phone, I know little or nothing about mobile phones but just wanted to ask you about the make of your phone.

  6. Hi Jeera Blade, many thanks for your nice feedback. Regarding the mobile phone: most of the still pictures on these pages are taken with an old SonyEricsson K800i (and 2 megapixel setting) and all the video is taken with an old original Nokia N95. I hope that this is proof that you don’t need super high-spec to do interesting pics and movies!

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