Beautiful Slough redux

It’s been over five years working in Slough for me. And like many, I try my hardest to be a transient in this town; rarely venturing out for a walk at lunch times. However, on the occasions that I do, I really quite like it. Slough is blonde. And Slough is beautiful. And when blonde and beautiful are multiple, they become so dull and dutiful.

Click on the green button below, wait patiently, turn up the volume and take a walk through the Queensmere shopping mall in Slough one weekday lunchtime.

Mingling with the citizens of Slough.
(Taken with my cameraphone in Queensmere Shopping Centre, Slough)

Examine closely every single person you see in the video loop. Imagine. Be them. There are an infinite number of stories in there.

Music is Rotterdam by The Beautiful South, released 1996.

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Slough redux

  1. Hi! I did a search for Lamb Rogan Josh on Saturday and found your site. I have never understood dry frying spices before so loved having the pictures to explain it.
    Made it Saturday, ate it for dinner (the whole family loved it) ate it for breakfast Sunday (just me), then made it again on Tuesday night for dinner too.
    Thanks for the recipe, and I’ll be trying some of your others too.
    Cathy in Australia

  2. Cheers Cathy! Great to hear that it turned out so good for you. For breakfast? That’s brave! 🙂 Hope you have fun cooking more.

  3. I enjoy your blog very much. I was wondering if there was any way to put links to all the ones that have music as I particularly enjoy those since it enhances the pictures you take. I would like to be able to go back to these to hear the music without having to scroll backwards. Thanks, Ochelle

  4. As a fellow brit, indian born in Kingsbury i have to say thanks ! i’ve been working through some of the recipes and last night’s indian style KFC was great – i’m not in england anymore but love the trip down memory lane!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Ochelle, thank you for your nice feedback; I will compile a list at some point and do exactly as you suggested, but it might take some time to do as there are nearly 8 years worth of archive to go through!

    Fernandes: Cheers! And thank you for your nice feedback also; glad you are trying out the cooking too!

  6. MOre more more pleeeeese……..There used to be a parslows bakery shop there in that malll where we used to have tea and cakes, and odd spot of lunch… this brought back some lovly memories jag..thanks…. is the fulcrum still there? and that sunken bit outside what used to be C&A? Although I’m sure things have been changed around a bit since I was there. Ok youve now made me want to book my ticket and come over and see the place once more.. I am planning a trip for next summer!!! thanks again for the memories!!!

  7. Krissie: great to hear from you after such a long time! I’m not sure what the “fulcrum” is now, but I sure will try to find out … (there’s no C&A here any more though)

  8. I used to live near Slough about 10 years ago when I worked at Heathrow…I kinda liked it…there’s something about places with no pretensions. Mind you, it was a little bit lacking in art galleries ;o)

    I later lived in St Albans and Luton – Luton was better than posh St Albans!

    Just found your blog whilst looking for a recipe for chana dahl…it’s a lovely recipe and lovely blog. I’m adding you to my favourites. I wish you had a myspace page, I’d add you on there too!

    Hope you have a good 2010…2009 could have done much better in my opinion! x

  9. Cheers Rachel! Thanks for such nice feedback too. All the best to you in 2010 – I agree, 2009 could have been so much better …

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