Invincible rubbish

When you see bits of litter in the street being blown around by the wind, there is nothing of consequence to ponder. But when someone places their fast-food rubbish on the floor in the middle of a busy railway station concourse, it really stands out. And although the place might be teeming with people, everyone just carefully walks around it, making otherwise inconsequential rubbish become stronger and more invincible by the minute. When you’re waiting 20 minutes for a train, you can’t help but be captivated by the magnificence of it.

Rubbish standing out, and being walked around.
(Taken with my cameraphone in London’s Paddington Station)

8 thoughts on “Invincible rubbish

  1. Hi, This is an ex-Kenton man who is now in Qatar..the way the locals here treat rubbish is amazing. We went into the desert last Friday and we saw a Sidewinder snake rolling a diet coke can! It was captivating and on the other hand quite sad…

  2. With an attitude! I like that Fritz!

    JLKelly: Well I think the person who ate the fast food probably could not see any rubbish bins in the station (All station sin London had their rubbish bins removed about 15 years ago due to terrorist explosions) so put it on the floor in frustration.

    Sanjay: Wow, that really is sad; but I can imagine what a spectacle that was!

  3. Not just the stations in London; very nearly all waste bins in major cities and their suburbs had been removed due to the threat of IRA bombs. A little terrorist act supported by those free thinking nice American people currently mourning Ted Kennedy.

    Glad to see you are posting again although everso infrequently…

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