Hace Madrid

Somewhere not too far South of London is a suburb called Madrid. Click on the green button below to travel there and back with a small selection of snaps from my mobile phone. Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and hope that this is just imagination.

Photo slide-show: Click on green button to load, and to step through pics.
(All pictures taken in London & Madrid – and with my cameraphone of course.)

Features images from Barajas Airport Terminal 4, Plaza de Castilla, Metro de Madrid and Telefónica’s Distrito C office complex.

4 thoughts on “Hace Madrid

  1. I thought only the britishers are tightlipped but never thought it can rub off to the Indians living there. FYI Madrid is not a suburb to the south of London, it is the capital of Spain. It is one of the greenest capitals in Europe and the third largest capital in Europe in terms of area as well as population.

  2. Hi Bala: Tightlipped? Not sure what you mean, do I not say enough on these pages? 🙂

    Also; Londoner’s often talk in terms of their city being the centre of the universe. I guess that I am no exception! 🙂

    And regarding your comment about Madrid being one of the greenest capitals; I would have to agree. I am in Madrid as I write, and when I arrived I took Metro into town and whilst I was waiting for a train at Nuevos Ministerios I studied the cartographic Metro map display – and you are absolutely right! There is so much “green” area in the map!

  3. Funky rif whilst the channa simmers. thx

    We eat yor recipes about weekly now. Rogan J is a big hit.

    From a subsuburb of Madrid straight through globe!

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