Stuffed Chillies

If you are into cooking North Indian (especially Punjabi) food regularly then you will almost always have the two most basic of essential of fresh (or decaying as the case may be) ingredients in your cupboard – and that is potatoes and onions. So – if your cupboards and fridge has run bare of anything else, it is these things that you will resort to in order to cook up a dinner of sorts.

And if you have some green chillie peppers (bell peppers will do also – but the longer, thinner chillie-peppers are better) – then why not make stuffed chillies?

Stuffed chillie peppers: very tasty. Very easy to make.

Click here to learn how to make this really tasty thing – which can either be an accompaniment to a main meal – or a snack on it’s own.

36 thoughts on “Stuffed Chillies

  1. hi,
    nice one .. i have tried it and it really turns out to be tasty.

    btw…. when i clicked on the link “spicy potato wedges” it leads me to ” Mushroom Prawns bhuna”

    ? ? ?


  2. Hello ,
    I have invited some Brit colleagues of mine for a Indian Dinner and promised them Chicken Curry…only problem is I have never cooked chicken curry before, can you please send me a recipe for it and if possible a suitable dinner menu which can go with chicken curry …

    Thanks a ton

  3. Hello Sudha – you could get some ideas by looking under the “food” links on the right hand side of this page.

  4. cant thank you enough for these wonderful recipes. I tried most of them and they turned out absolutely amazing. My fav is the lamb biryani and daal. May i request that you add some more!

  5. Shazia: it is a pleasure. And I *will* add some more over time too. (Funny – the biryani and the the yellow daal are my absolute favourites too!)

  6. Wow, these dont look like banana peppers – they look like real chillies! I like ’em anyway, even if they make my nose and eyes run 😉

  7. Its a very nice website. It has explained every step very well with pictures. I have to try all the recipes and it seems to look very delicious

  8. Hi,

    Tried this recipe (with a tiny change) over the weekend & it was a superhit…thanks!

    I have posted it on my blog. Do take a look.


  9. Hello Sonali – yes, took a look. Excellent. It is such a simple and easy thing to cook – but the end-result is always very tasty. The taste of the chillie pepper is always extremely nice when eaten as an accompaniment to something like daal. I see that you remove the seeds and white stuff inside the chillie – I do this to roughly half the batch when I make them (you have to somehow “mark” the ones with the inside bits removed). This allows for whoever wants the really spicy ones to enjoy the extra chillie-heat kick too! (Like my Dad)

  10. Hi,
    I just tried your stuffed chillies and it is so simple yet amazing!! i really enjoy your step-wise cooking instructions with photos…..looking forward to more recipes from you. Just a request though……can you post the recipe for triangular ghee ke parathe…..i cant seem to get the shape right at all!!

  11. Hi Suma, many thanks for your comment! Glad you liked it too. I’m not sure what you mean by the triangular parathe – but I think you just make rectangular paratha and then just cut to shape after making. I will try making triangular ones sometime – and post the method on the pages – but please be aware that I have never actually had them triangular – just rectangular/square!

  12. All of your recipes are amazing, tasty and easy to make. thank you for the pictures and step by step instructions… you should be on some food network show for show. thank you for your genorisity– i’m a fellow punjabi girl who lives in Vancouver Canada — thank you thank you thankyou

  13. I know you’ve gotten this a lot over the years, but — thank you so much for your recipes! They’ve completely changed our cooking habits. I hardly ever eat out anymore, I just take delicious Route79 leftovers for lunch! Plus, the time saving hints mean I can cook a lot more often and on shorter notice… and of course, after looking for good Indian recipes for *years*, I finally have recipes that taste *just* like all my favorite dishes!

    Thanks so much!

    (And, I also like the rest of your website 😉 )

  14. Looks great! There is another variation cooked in India with BESAN. Any idea where can i find that recipe?

  15. Thanks Sneha, yes I have heard about the variation cooked with besan, I think it is a Gujurati variation, but I have not seen a recipe for it myself either!

  16. YOU ROCK! I have made four of your recipes so far, stuffed peppers, kheema, chicken biryani and the Indian KFC. Each came out perfect and were great! Thanks and keep up the great site.

  17. Ooh, that looks delish. I was looking for a stuffed chilli recipe that did not use soley gram flour, and this one takes the biscuit.

    The food next to the chilli in the photo – is that partha??

  18. Hey Robert, many thanks for your kind comment! The food next to the chillie is “egg bhurji” – there is a recipe for it in my right hand sidebar – it’s a kind of scrambled egg snack that can also be made with paneer instead of egg. It’s tasty!

  19. I have not yet tried this recipe but just by reading the ingredients and the overall making of it sound excellent; so I`m going to try it right away!!

  20. O…M…G!!! Absolutely divine! And so easy and quick to prepare and cook. Only chanced across this recipe as we have an abundance of home grown fresh chillies to use up…and I will DEFINITELY be making this again, and passing the recipe on. Thank you…DELICIOUS!!!

  21. There absolutely delicious! I make about 8 at a time and munch on them all through the evening 🙂

  22. Hi tried this yesterday, turned out very well, I had larger chillies, but it was good, I forgot to add salt to the rice, but the chillies made up for it…. thanks this is a keeper….

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