Kissing Policemen

Yesterday (Monday) was a national holiday in the UK. The occasion for this holiday is “May Day” – to commemorate the start of the month of May – which has for centuries been observed as a symbol of the socialist movement in Europe. Although unlike many contintental European countries – there is very little reference to symbols of socialism in this national holiday in the UK: No “socialist” processions or marches – no overt dressing up in the colour red or the waving of red flags etc.

Instead – most people seemed to take the opportunity to go down to the beach, or the local park, or their own back garden for a barbeque; the May Day “bank” holiday being used to mark the beginning of, hopefully, much warm weather to come.

Anyway – I decided to spend the day at one of London’s many famous parks. Battersea Park in fact. But on the way – driving through the streets of London on the way there – I happened to spot what looked like a sophisticated piece of graffiti on the wall of a house at the North end of Ladbroke Grove – which is a relatively well-known street that connects the Harrow Road in North Kensington to the Notting Hill area in the West End of London.

I just *had* to stop and take a picture:

Fascinating graffiti spotted on the side of a house on Ladbroke Grove.

I’m wondering whether this graffiti is an example of progressive, “covert” art – or what? Whatever. It surely is the subject of much discussion – as there were many passers-by who stopped to look at it in fascination. I simply had to stop to take take the picture in case it would not be there in the future. Kind of like wanting to capture a spontaneous moment of expression. Transient art.

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