My Nokia

I’ve had my current mobile phone for nearly a year now. Some of you may remember me writing about getting it last year. Here is a picture of it as it was then. (Actually, I do use lots of different mobile phones for my job – but this one is the one that carries my main phone-book, and therefore is my “work-horse” phone.)

The problem is that everyone appears to have one like this – especially at work – where they appear to have become standard issue – and even in the “street” – everyone seems to have a Nokia 6230. What’s worse is that at work – there are so many people who have them (and especially the ones coloured black) – that it’s not uncommon to accidentally walk away with someone else’s mobile phone after a meeting – or after a casual visit to someone else’s desk – where people have placed their phones on the desk or meeting table. This has caused no end of problems for me – taking someone else’s phone and only knowing about it until it rings and someone thinks you are someone else when you answer an incoming call – or when someone thinks it’s someone else when you make an outgoing call.

Well, I was walking to Marks & Spencer for a sandwich at lunch time the other day in Slough – and I noticed a mobile phone accessories stall in the shopping mall. So I stopped and looked to see if they had any “alternative” snap-on covers for the Nokia 6230 – and indeed they did have. £5 a cover. Or two for £8. So I bought one. I figured that if I could replace the commonly-owned black cover with a different colour – then the chances of anybody mistaking their phone for mine – or me mistaking my phone for someone else’s would be minimised.

The problem is – that now I get funny looks every time someone sees my phone …

My pink Nokia

I think some people have a problem with it being pink. It doesn’t matter if you’re seen wearing a pink shirt – or pink tie – but carrying a pink phone brings about some funny looks. I guess it’s just not conventional.

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