Less water, bigger pipes

Random update: When I think of April I think of tax and rain. It’s the end of the tax year and the start of a new one. And it usually rains a lot. But here in London we’re not getting enough of the latter. Or rather, we’ve not had enough of the latter for the last 18 months or so. Which means that the local water companies are banning us from using hosepipes. Which doesn’t really bother me, because I don’t use them anyway. But my next-door neighbour has an obsession with washing his car with a hosepipe every week; rain or shine. What should I do if I catch him using it during the hosepipe ban?

I have to say though that the weather is definitely picking up, and London is a fantastic place to be when it’s hot and sunny. Looking forward to the summer!

London is a great place to be in the summer.
(Taken in Trafalgar Square on an oppressively hot day last summer.)

Yesterday I discovered that my Internet Service Provider is now doing an 8Mbps DSL service for about 10 pounds per month cheaper than my current 2Mps service. Upgrading was therefore a no-brainer, and it only took 24 hours. Now I am on 8Mbps down and 400Kbps up for £19 per month. Don’t you just love it when you get something better for less?

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