Slough in Pictures Part 7

It’s been AGES since I last posted about Slough. Which for those who don’t know has been the most exciting town in the UK for quite some time now. Unfortunately I only work here, so I only really get to experience the place properly during the occasional lunch break etc. And so, on a lunch-break yesterday I took a walk into the town centre from my office on a mission to buy a cheap telephone “splitter” from the local “pound shop”. But whilst I was out I realised how bright and sunny it was. In total contrast to the few hours earlier when miserable dark clouds unleashed heavy rains on the place.

Slough Town Centre during a break in the weather.
(A kind of surreal picture taken with my cameraphone.)

There is something very weird about this photo. It looks like a computer-generated image from a scene in computer simulator game or something similar …
I think it’s a combination of the blue sky, the tiled floor, the over-saturated colours of the Nokia N95 cameraphone, and the bloke with a mobile phone who looks dressed like an avatar floating a few centimetres above the ground – a la Second Life. Strange.

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