Sambhar Vada

Had the privilege of meeting the famous Chakra in real life yesterday afternoon. A cup of tea and a natter near the Sushi Bar in Paddington Station. And what a pleasure it was indeed! It’s always very strange meeting people whose persona and image you have already shaped in your own mind. I think it was more of a “shock” for Chakra than it was for me – as at least I had seen a pic of Chakra prior – but he hadn’t seen a proper one of me. Anyway – it turned out that it was my voice that came as more of a shock! This kind of bugs me really – so on tube on the way home after our chat I spoke into my dictation machine (a tiny Sony memory stick based machine of course) in various different tonal inflections and played back my own voice to myself in order to analyse. I never did like the sound of my own voice.

Anyway – one thing about our encounter that I was completely blown away by – was the gift some traditional South Indian snack food – which became a tasty meal for myself and Ms.79 later in the evening. Chakra got this for me from a new South Indian restuarant just opened in Wembley High Road (right in the heart of Route 79 territory!). The restuarant is called Saravana Bhavan – and is one of two London branches of Chennai’s most popular restuarant chain!

Sambhar Vada – very tasty. Thank you Chakra!
(Made into a complete meal by serving with some veggie rice and side salad)

Now I will have to learn how to make it!

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