Mixed-up London

When, in the early morning, the Route 79 bus stops at the junction of Preston Road and East Lane in North-West London I take the opportunity of capturing an image of a parade of shops through the window from the upper deck. At this moment – it occurs to me that London is all peculiarly mixed-up:

London suburban shops: all mixed-up.

Next to an Irish pub which is the size of a sandwich-shop (with shutters down) is a half-sized hair-cut salon, next to which is a half-sized aquarium shop (where presumably you can buy exotic fish for your domestic fish-tank) , next to which is a “greasy-spoon” cafe where professional tradespeople eat breakfast lunch and dinner heartily. I have travelled past these shops for several years – but I have never noticed the pub to be open, nor the hairstylist or aquarium shop to be frequented by clients – and only the cafe to be occupied by a lone “white van” driver dining for “all-day” breakfast and causing a traffic-jam which irritates the bus drivers due to his inconsiderately parked-van.

London is full of pecularities like this: seemingly implausible shops adjacent to one another – at seemingly implausible locations – seemingly implausibly attracting clientele that are few – or even non-existent. Perhaps it’s only like this whenever I happen to observe them. Perhaps they are thriving otherwise.

It doesn’t matter. For this is London. A London that is all mixed-up and peculiar. Especially in the suburbs where the tourists don’t go.

I took this mixed-up opportunity to produce a music-video of “mixed-up” London – which you can download by doing a RIGHT-CLICK and “SAVE TARGET AS” on the “Windows Media” icon below:

Download the video file on the left to your computer by doing a “right click” and “Save Target As” to a folder of your choice.

It’s a Route 79 music-video of just over 4 minutes in duration (just over 6 megabytes in total) – which captures a peculiar London Mix of video images, including Route 79 bus, Route 79 people, Oxford Street, London Eye, views of Central London landmarks and London icons (buses and taxis) , an Apple iPod, Green Park tube tunnel-walkway, the A40 London Highway, Thames cruise boat and “bungee jump” rides outside the London Aquarium – as well as brief images of my local High Street and Ms.79 cooking “roti” (chappatis) for us at the end of a hard-day’s work. It should only take a few minutes to download if you are on a high-speed Internet connection – but please note: it is NOT for streaming: you should download the WMV (Windows Media Video) using “right-click and Save Target as” – as a file – to a folder of your choice – and then double-click on it when it has finished downloading.

The music is by Raghav – who is a Canadian-Indian singer based in UK – the featured song being “Let’s Work it Out” – which is a catchy contemporary Indian-ethnic tune in keeping with British-Asian Punjabi bhangra-fusion. Turn it up loud for maximum enjoyment. Hope you enjoy it!

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