Walk to school

Today was the first day of of the Autumn term for many primary school children in London. And predictably, the traffic levels on the roads spiked considerably as many parents ushered their kids to school in their cars and MPVs during the rush hour. The last 6 weeks of summer-holiday heaven for car-commuters has come to an end. And although I try to avoid driving to work if I can, today (for specific reasons) I had little choice but to join the school-day traffic on my way to work. So it’s kind of nice when, as you’re sitting there in a traffic jam in the suburbs, to notice that not every parent is unnecessarily clogging up the roads taking their kids to school, and walking them to school instead.

Nice to see some parents walking to school instead of driving …
(Taken with cameraphone whilst stuck in a traffic jam in Greenford West London.)

I have to admit there are many people who also have no choice but to drive their kids to school, but since I live practically next door to a bunch of schools myself, I have personally witnessed too many who do so, who really do not need to. (Sigh.)

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