Favourite elements

A young family of four on the top deck of the 79 bus the other day. The conversation started by the not-quite-teenage young boy who had obviously just learned about the Periodic Table of Elements at school. His younger sister, perhaps not quite 8 years old sitting next to him:

Boy to Father: “Dad, What’s your favourite element?”
Father: “Oxygen.”
Boy: “Why?”
Father: “It’s what I need to breathe and stay alive.”

Daughter: “My favourite is Calcium, ‘cos I like Yoghurt”
Boy to Mother: “What’s your favourite Mum?”
Mother: “Diamond. And Gold.”
(Father tuts and raises eyebrows.)
Father to Son: “So what’s your favourite?”
Boy: “Xenon”
Father: “Why?”
Boy: “Because it sounds cool.”

Oh, to be young again.

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