Docklands, Pie, Mash and Don

Thanks to the ever-inspiring Diamond Geezer, lunch today was traditionally London; pie and mash at the about-to-close down family-run-since-1890 Goddards Pie House in Greenwich. A warming and veritable end to a chilly November morning of spectacular views obtained in getting there by switching from the Jubilee Line to the Docklands Light Railway at Canary Wharf. It’s been a while since I was in Docklands last, and the ascent up the escalators at Canary Wharf tube is simply breathtaking:

Dramatic ascent.
(Taken with my cameraphone from the up escalator at Canary Wharf tube.)

Then hotfoot it over to Wood Green Cineworld to see the movie Don, a very recent Indian cinema release, interestingly set in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My review in a few words: Good fun action film, especially if you are a fan of SRK. But why oh why couldn’t we have been spared the squirm-in-your-seatingly embarassing song and dance sequence featuring Kareena Kapoor near the beginning? Also, “Bollywood” desperately needs a new coreographer, as the dance sequences throughout the film made you think that you’ve seen it all before, and the pace of the dancing was simply way out of tune with the tempo of the songs too. And please: can we have less of the open-mouth syndrome from the leading lady during dance sequences please? That’s so Rani Mukherjee and we’re getting a little tired of it! Still, great escapism due to implausible storyline, but couldn’t help thinking about the sinister stuff that Suketu Mehta wrote about in Maximum City which I read just recently. Overall, good film; shame about the dancing.

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