Tonky Gorilla

Trendy lounge. Funky bar. Hip restaurant. (So it says on the website.)

It used to be a McDonalds. It’s no surprise that it closed down. This is a predominantly Gujurati Indian neighbourhood. And in recent years we have seen an influx of Sri Lankan, South Indian, Iraqi, Somali, Eastern European and (most recently) Polish peoples. McDonalds is definitely out of custom around here. But now it’s Tonky Gorilla. It’s been “coming soon” for a couple of months now. And it looks as if it’s ready to open any day now. I was intrigued when I first saw the refurb hoardings a couple of months back. Was even more intrigued when the apparent owner responded on Flickr.

Tonky Gorilla: a new bar and restaurant in Kingsbury, London NW9

It’s all happening round here. Trendy, funky, hip. But most importantly: Tonky (!!??)

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