Back the Bid train

I had to work in Central London the other day – so took the tube into town. The train I happened to ride was one of those that has been repainted in “Back the Bid” colours of green and black. Even the interior is liveried in “Back the Bid” style – the seats are all upholstered bright (wake-you-up-in-the-morning) yellow with the words “Make Britain Proud” and “Back the Bid” all over.

Back the Bid train
(You can see the construction work of Wembley Park station in the background)

Quite a few trains on many of the different London Underground lines have been painted like this. As have some of London’s buses – and I’m assuming some taxis as well. And I have seen countless posters, billboards, leaflets and flyers promoting London’s bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games over the last few months.

I’m not really sure why the Mayor of London has gone to such great lengths to ask Londoners to Back the Bid – as I believe that the decision will be made by a committee of people from outside London. And although they will probably ask themselves “Do Londoners really want to host the Olympic Games – I’m not sure how they will find out. Also – in my experience Londoners are quite apathetic to campaigns which assert such bold and direct messages. “Back the Bid” often meets with “oh yeah – and why exactly?“. We’re a hardened lot you see. You have to be a lot more subtle with Londoners if you want to win them over.

Nobody on my “Back the Bid” train looked as if they cared less. And my own eyes were slightly irritated by the brightness of the yellow seating-upholstery. I’m proud of my country – and I think London can pull off the best Olympic Games ever in 2012 – so I really do hope that we win the bid. But I feel just a tiny bit of shame that our Mayor has to go to such great lengths to try to drum up support for it in such a bold and direct way.

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