That’s what you are. A very big thank you to all that voted for these pages in the 2006 Weblog Awards. We didn’t come first, but fifth overall in the Best UK blog category, which I would say is a pretty good acheivement. And just fine by me. Hopefully fine by you too.

You're a star!

Star decoration feature at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, North West London
(Taken with my cameraphone whilst not really shopping for Christmas presents.)

I have to admit I was rather puzzled by the nomination of this journal to the Best UK Blog category. I scratched my head at first. Wondering what to do. But then I figured out it could be a bit of fun. And a lot of fun it was too. All nine other blogs in the finalist lineup are fine ones indeed, and I’m sure that at least a couple of orders of magnitude of equally good sites can be discovered by clicking through the blogrolls of those. Runner-up JohnnyB has an excellent reflection on the contest that sums it up quite nicely.

A big up to the person (or persons) who nominated this site; you know who you are. And a big up to those of you who know me personally, whom I emailed in a targeted attempt to “get out the vote”, as well as those that voted simply because they like what they saw here. We did well considering we didn’t get any endorsements from other high-traffic websites. Not that I know of anyway. In fact if I stretch it a bit; we came second overall in terms of non-team blogs in the finalist lineup, and of those we were the highest voted “Londoner” blog. (Yes, I know I’m stretching it a bit 🙂 ) But congratulations to all the finalists, and I hope we all had some fun and discovered something new along the way. I certainly have. For example, I learned that Google ranks my recipe/method for Prawn Jambalaya as more relevant than Delia Smith’s. Now that leaves me extremely satisfied. I think I’ll tell my Mum about that.

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