Goodnight 2006

The calendar year comes to an end. And with it, the last bus disappears into the night.

The number 79 bus fading away into the suburban London night.

And so for another year my beloved bus takes me home. For another year, with my cameraphone in my pocket, the stairs to the top deck take me upwards. And mobile. Upwards with my mobile; Upwardly mobile.

I’m sure I’ve said before that the best views in the world are to be had from the upper deck of a London bus, and I really do believe that. But there are too many views in 2006 that are best forgotten, with frighteningly few that are best remembered. Most of these were had in the minds eye, with my eyes physically closed. Why is that I wonder? But more frightening is the fact that we are over halfway through this first decade of the new “millennium” when it seems like only just last year when we were celebrating the start of a new one. A new millennium that is.

Hey ho. Here’s hoping for all the best for everyone in 2007.

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