Green Park Tunnel

The London Underground is full of delightful little surprises. This is just one.

The tunnel walkway that connects the Jubilee and Piccadilly Lines at Green Park.
(Taken with my cameraphone underground. Uploaded to Flickr above ground.)

The London Underground system is so old, and grows so organically over time, that quite often things aren’t as efficient as they could be. For example, the walkway between the Jubilee Line and Piccadilly Line platforms at Green Park station is a long underground tunnel that takes a good few minutes even walking at a brisk pace.

And walking at a brisk pace is what I normally do whenever I have to do this tunnel. So brisk that I never really notice a very clever but quirky little detail about this walkway. We all know that the colour coding used on the tube is excellent, consistent and familiar. For example, that the colour of the Piccadilly Line is dark blue and and the Jubilee Line is grey (or silver), but did you know that as you walk from the Picc platform to the Jub platform through this tunnel at Green Park, the tiny little mosaic tiles on the white walls of this tunnel start off with speckles of dark blue only and then gradually become a mixture of dark blue and grey as you progress through the tunnel, eventually becoming grey only at the Jub Line end?

It’s when you discover delightful little things like this that you really appreciate the not-so-obvious designs and patterns that exist in the underground system.

(Many thanks to Marcus for pointing this out to me ages ago!)

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