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Lee Garden is my local Chinese takeaway. It’s near the tube station on my High Street. And if I’m travelling home late in the evening, knowing that there’s nothing to prepare myself a dinner at home, I might pop in for a takeaway as I walk back. I love this takeaway. I love Singapore fried noodles. I love waiting there, listening to the hissing and clanking sounds coming from the back as my noodles get tossed around in the wok. (At least that’s what I assume is happening.) I love the way in which what turns out to be a mountain of tasty, spicy noodles can be compressed so skillfully into such a small plastic container. I love the fact that the (microweavable and dishwashable) container can be reused over and over again. As anyone living or raised in Indian family household will know, containers like this are essential for passing on leftovers of food to friends and family when there’s just too much left over at the end of an extended family get-together.

But something changed at my local Chinese takeaway recently. It was closed for a week or so – for refurbishment. The picture below shows what it used to look like inside for many years. Just like any other Chinese takeway in London does. Click on the right-hand side button below the picture to see how it looks now, in its new style. You can also click on the left-hand side button to revert back to the old style if you prefer it.

I’m a bit saddened by this change. There was something reassuringly Chinese-takeaway-ish about the previous style. But I’m also optimistic about the new design. It’s very wine-bar-ishly, Apple iPod-ishly, 21st century. So if you’re feeling musically inclined, you could also select an accompanying tune to go with the picture. The “old” tune is a beautifully sad song, about a broken “Ghungroo” by the legendary Indian ghazal-master Pankaj Udhas, and the “new” one is a 21st century, progressive, wine-bar compatible, clubbing tune called At Night (remix of course) by Shakedown. Take your choice.

Old music
New music

(Click in the green buton to load the music. Turn up the volume. Shouldn’t take too long. After it loads click the play button and if you wish to stop, just hit stop.)

But the Singapore fried noodle tastes just as good as it always has!

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