Pizzeria Pappagone

It’s an Italian restaurant in North London. 131 Stroud Green Road, N4 3PX to be precise. According to some Internet restaurant review sites it’s “at war” with another Italian pizzeria called La Porchetta Pizzeria which happens to be only a few doors away on the very same Stroud Green Road.

The best Italian pizzas in London?
(Taken with my cameraphone whilst waiting hungrily for pizza in North London.)

Upon entering this pizzeria (which is not far off the shadow of the new Arsenal football stadium) I was given a hearty shake of the hand by the Italian owner, and not long later was treated to some fine Italian-style pizzas cooked up in what I can only describe as an “authentic” pizza-oven slap-bang in the middle of the restaurant. And very tasty they were. Exceptional value (i.e cheap) , and exceptionally tasty. Thoroughly recommended. And for those with a naturally Indian disposition towards chillie hot spice, they serve their pizzas with a bottle of chillie oil for drizzling on your pizza. Beware though; you’ll never eat pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominos ever again …

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