Sezen Aksu

She has been a musical sensation in Turkey for the last three decades. She is revered by the Turkish people in the same way that the American-originated soul movement reveres Aretha Franklin. She is a singer and composer – and her music is emotionally powerful – some with lyrics in a highly poetic “sufi” style. Many of her fans are moved to tears by some of her songs.

Her live performances are very rare – and she performed for the first time in the UK last night at the fabulous London Coliseum theatre (home of the English National Opera) accompanied by a mini-orchestra of modern and traditional Turkish instruments – and I had the privilege of attending along with some Turkish friends. The performance was spectacular – highly moving – with rapturous applause at the beginning, during and the end of almost every number.

Sezen Aksu – performing live at London Colisuem last night.

Some more pics at my Flickr:

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