Pitshanger action figure

There is a little suburb of London called Pitshanger. It’s in the West London Borough of Ealing. There is a doner-kebab shop there called West Kebab, which in my opinion is the best doner-kebab shop in London. And I went there especially to eat doner-kebab for lunch the other day. But because it was quicker to get there by car than by bus, I had to drive, and this meant finding a place to park in a side-street just off Pitshanger Lane.

Having parked my car, as I walked towards the kebab shop I couldn’t help but notice a curious little action figure (kids toy) that had been carefully placed on top of a bollard at the junction of the side-street and main road:

I spotted a little action figure placed atop a bollard in the street.
(Taken with my cameraphone as I was making my way to a kebab shop.)

In a strange sort of way, it’s quite a delight to see such a sight. Of course, I didn’t touch it. I just snapped the spectacle with my cameraphone. Pitshanger Lane is quite busy with people walking about at a lunch time, especially as it is school Easter holidays here in UK at the moment. So I kind of expected that it would disappear after a while, e.g. get picked up by a passing child etc. But about half an hour later, having fulfilled myself on a medium-sized doner-kebab with a full-works salad, chillie sauce and diet coke (diet coke and chillie sauce is an explosive combination by the way), I walked back to my car and noticed that it was still there.

Why is it that little things like this make you feel good?

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