I Love London

There is one thing Londoners do not do. And that is to step into a London souvenir shop. I mean, why would you? We tend to turn our nose up at the seemingly chintzy stuff that tourists buy. You know, those street signs, model telephone boxes and policeman’s helmets etc. Self-effacing perhaps? Possibly. More like we just live here and see no need for them.

Anyway, I forced myself into one yesterday as I was returning home from a lunchtime trip to a sushi cafe in Soho. All those times I ignored it. This time I paused to think about it.

We love London!
(Taken with my cameraphone in a London souvenir shop in Carnaby Street.)

Because it’s actually a collection of very different towns, villages, suburbs and districts, each with it’s own unique character. A lifetime of discovery to be had! There’s nowhere like it anywhere else in the world. Because the buses are ace. The double-decker ones that is. Because of the food; you name it: London has it. Because the parks are the best in the world. Because of the entertainment; the shows, the cinemas, the music, the festivals, the art, the museums, London has ’em all, and the world’s best of them too! Because of its history. Because of the tube, the trains, the stations and airports; publicly we hate them, but secretly we love them!

Because everywhere else in the world is just a suburb of London; an Oystercard journey away.

And all of this is because of its people. I leave London almost every day (for work), and it’s always great to return. Despite all the ugly things about it.

Because most of all; it’s my home.

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