Fast food chicken restaurant chain Nando’s likes to put chalkboards out on the pavement with witty phrases on them to try to tempt people inside.

Nando’s chicken restaurant teaser board.
(Taken with my cameraphone on the High Street in Kingsbury NW9.)

On this occasion the message, to me at least, sounded a little prohpetic. You know when you’ve been out of town for a few days and longing to eat home-cooked food when you get back? Apologies to any veggie readers, but having survived on bread, cheese, espressos and fondue for the last few days (Geneva) I am just lusting after fiery hot tandoori chicken wings and some ice cold beer. The sign above is what I encountered as I turned the corner on to my local High Street on my way to get chicken for cooking. (I didn’t chicken out though.)

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