Beside the seaside

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and really wish you were standing on a sandy beach in glorious sunshine and nice cool breeze throwing flat stones into the sea and trying to make them bounce on the surface of the water? Well yesterday I got out of bed early, fired up Google Maps and looked for the closest beach to my neighbourhood by tracing an imaginary, dead-vertical line from North West London down to the Southern coastline of England. It turns out that such a place is only an hour or so drive away and is called the London Borough of Littlehampton, and that’s where we spent the day. It was brilliant; the sunshine, the breeze, the sand, the sea, the views. Press the green button in the Shockwave Flash object below to load up a musical montage of cameraphone snaps from yesterday’s daytrip. Turn up the volume and regret that you didn’t make it down there yourself on what was probably the last glorious day of this summer.

Littlehampton has an excellent beach.
(All snaps taken with my cameraphone of course.)

Music was “Summer Son”, courtesy of Texas, 1999.

As you can see from some of the pics in the slideshow, turning up to the beach at Littlehampton early in the morning means you have a lot of it all to yourself. This is very unusual for the South coast of England. The journey there is also interesting. There are some breathtaking wiews over the hills and valleys of the South Downs to absorb as you go South via the A283 and A284 approaching Arundel.

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