A406 Windmills

There are some windmills on the A406 North Circular. Right opposite the big Tesco next to the IKEA in Wembley. They seem to be mounted on a new low-rise shed-style building that rose a little like a phoenix from the ashes of the red-brick office monstrosity that stood there for years before being demolished. The windmills sort of symbolise eco-friendliness and environmental kindness. They seem to send a guilty statement to those of us stuck in our cars in the traffic jam on the North Circular Road below, crawling slowly towards the Hanger Lane Gyratory.

Windmills on the North Circular.
(Taken with my cameraphone from my car in a traffic queue alongside.)

I have to admit they do look a little out of place where they’re situated. You don’t expect to see things like that on the side of the North Circular.

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