October contrasts

November already. I picked a handful of pics taken on my cameraphone last month. A handful of everyday London contrasts and a quirk or two. Click the green button below to load. Turn up the volume. For an interesting effect advance through the pics in a very slow “skanking” rhythm to the beat of the music, and keep cycling round, looking at the photos but focussing on infinity in an immersive trance, losing yourself in the multimedia of it all.

Music by a London reggae band called Black Slate formed in 1974. The sound is “old-skool” but represents the sound of reggae in Britian in the 1970s and much of the Steel-Pulse-like ’80s. This was probably their most famous track; Amigo, recorded in London 1980 for the album by the same name. Why oh why don’t we get new music like this any more?

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