A40 Eastbound

If I’m travelling to and from work when I’m not using my beloved bus, I will almost certainly be using my car. A car journey to work will involve cruising up the West London arterial road called the A40. In my view the A40 highway is the best of London’s urban highways. I wrote ages ago about how exhilerating a drive Westbound on the A40 can be early in the mornings, and even uploaded a video of a portion of the journey a long time back. But what goes West must go East (I have to get back home I suppose), and the last time I mentioned the A40 Eastbound on these pages it was a couple of years back when I was singing along to Elvis round about Christmas time.

The journey Eastbound on the A40 is an acquired taste, and I think I’m beginning to appreciate it now. Except when there’s long traffic queues of course. Which is what happened yesterday. Why? Because of a significant chunk of the ninety-thousand people making their way to Wembley Stadium for an England football match against Croatia using the same road. It’s a real pain living close the nation’s main football stadium on match days when driving home from work. It’s even worse when we end up losing the match and failing to qualify for a major European football tournament:

I endured all that traffic just for us to lose?

Heavy traffic on the A40 Eastbound at RAF Northolt.
(Taken with my cameraphone as I patiently drove with the football traffic home.)

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