Al Fanouse

It’s Slough’s best kept secret. An informal Lebanese (kebab-shop-style) eatery on Slough’s High Street that does a house-special dish called “Lunch Box”, which is piles of Lebanese savoury rice, veg, salad, hummous, chicken and lamb shwarma (shredded grilled meat), and falafel all served on a plate with Mediterranean-style bread and condiments (oilves, pickled peppers etc.) on the side plus a can of soft drink of your choice. All for £5, and that includes unhurried, eat-in at really nice tables (with lovely chairs), but most of all with fantastically friendly service often from the ever-smiling proprietor himself (Hassan?), who will remember you next time you come along. Can you get any better than that? No wonder the place is packed with regulars at lunch times most days. The food is assembled on a plate on the counter and is laid out with attention to detail, right down to the well of olive oil in the hummous. And it tastes excellent. In my opinion far better than many formal restaurants in the same class of food. Which makes the taste-to-value ratio exceptionally high.

“Lunch Box” at Al Fanouse restaurant in Slough
(Taken with my cameraphone as it was served to me.)

A growing number of us in the office come here every couple of weeks at this place as it makes for quite a fulfilling lunch, and so I have built up a Flickr set of images over time. The last time we ate there the owner came to take our plates away when we were finished and asked us if we’d enjoyed the meal and then suddenly asked if we knew someone called “Route 9”. Immediately we knew he meant “Route 79” and that he had found my Flickr pics via Google. He was so chuffed I got my meal on the house! How good is that?

Now, you know I don’t do adverts on these pages, and this restaurant almost certainly built up its reputation by “word of mouth”, so if you ever do find yourself in Slough at lunchtime and you like East Mediterranean food (or even if you like Indian-style food), then you should seriously consider visiting Al Fanouse. It’s ace. We love it.

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