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At the weekend just gone I went shopping for some “mithiai” on my local High street. (Mithiai = Indian sweets, e.g. jalebi, gulab jamun, burfi, rass malai etc.) There’s four shops in my neighbourhood for this kind of stuff and although we prefer the Punjabi-style, Southall/Greenford is a bit too far from where I am in NW9, so instead of wasting time (and precious energy) driving to Southall in heavy Saturday-morning traffic we make do with the excellent quality Gujurati-style sweets and savouries just a few minutes walk away from home. We zeroed in on a shop called Supreme Sweets, which (along with Gayatri Sweet Mart) we go to quite a lot. Only this time I noticed a new sticker has appeared on the front door of the shop:

Supreme Sweets is famous: it’s on Google Maps
(Taken with my cameraphone as I was about to enter the shop.)

I’ve noticed that more and more shops are displaying these Google Maps stickers in their windows. It’s kind of weird to see something that normally dominates the experience in the “virtual world” to start to creep into the “real world”. At first it seems kind of cool, but the more I think about it the more “creepy” it feels. Is Google Maps aiming to become the next Yellow Pages? (Perhaps it already is.)

Anyway, since we’re on the subject of Google, what do you think happens if you paste any of the following statements into Google and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button?

Mutter paneer, Kheema, Yellow daal, Lamb biryani, Punjabi chicken, Channa masala, Rogan josh, Stuffed parathas, Stuffed chillies, Tasty pakoras, Pilchard rice, Indian fish cakes, Indian KFC, Masala salmon, Prawn bhuna, Mint sauce chutney, Masala potato wedges, Spicy chicken niblets, Vegetable rice, Delicious aloo gobi


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