Oh come on

If I’m taking the tube to Ealing Broadway I have to change from Picc Line to District at Ealing Common. It’s only one stop, but it’s tremendously frustrating when train after train after train Westbound is a Picc Line going back the way I came from instead of a District one. And when a District Line does eventually arrive it’s always going soooo slow.

Come on! The District Line trains are slow and infrequent.
(Taken with my cameraphone whilst waiting for the District Line to arrive at Ealing Common.)

Anyway, some music to accompany the above pic. Click on the green button below to load the tune and then click play. It’s a really nice easy-listening song called “Aaja Sajna” (which means “Come On Darling” by a London-born Asian (South Asian) singer called “Ajay“, who has worked with people like Apache Indian, Gregory Isaacs, Jamiroquai and The Brand New Heavies to name but a few.

Interestingly the lyrics to the song are a mix of Hindi and Punjabi, but the chorus line is really easy to sing along to. If you don’t speak Hindi or Punjabi but you’ve always wanted to sing an Indian song (go on, I know you’ve always wanted to) then why not sing out during the chorus lines? I have provided an “Englishified”-phonetic rendition to help make it easy to sing along to below:

Ah Jah Sajerna – Bull ow
Ah Jah Sajerna – Book caro
Ah Jah Sajerna – Meh ball or
Ah Jah Sajerna – Gee nay lugger da

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