If you live in London and you haven’t eaten out at Yautcha then you haven’t lived! If you haven’t been to a London-based Michelin Star restaurant before then this is the one that you should try first. And if you think it’s going to be extortionately expensive then think again! (You can eat for and drink here for under £20 per person, which makes it excellent for a holiday/birthday/anniversary-celebratory treat!) And if you like all-day Chinese-style dim-sum with a gourmet twist then Yauatcha is the place to go.

Yauatcha in Soho: you have to try it.
(Taken with my cameraphone as the food was being served in front of us.)

Apologies in advance to any veggies or folks who don’t eat certain types of food; but quite apart from the delectable dim-sum assortments and green teas served by the “extremely fit” (so I’m told, whatever that means) male and female wait staff; the thing to make sure you have (if you can eat it) are the baked venison puffs and jasmine tea smoked ribs. These are an example of what makes dining in London one of the best things in the world! (Ask for a table in the middle on the bottom floor and don’t be put of by the arrogance of the 1 hour 45 minute sit-down time limit.)

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