You’ve changed.

In your own mind it’s only a little change. Not as dramatic as the 7 changing to the 8 you thought. No. Much more subtle than that. You thought it would be a little like an alternative frame, taken a fraction of a click to the left or right of the one taken earlier. You really thought nobody would notice.

Only, you didn’t notice yourself because you thought it about it too hard. Over and over; you conditioned yourself not to notice it. But I did. Because you see the change as something discrete, whereas I see it has something contiguous. And when you see it like that you realise the shocking reality that the change is much more noticeable than you thought.

The drama of it all shows you that you only have to do a little in order to generate a lot.

A slight perturbation in life can lead to indescribable opportunities. If you have a brimful of optimism about this then click on the red button below (and turn up the volume).

Indescribable opportunities await even the smallest of perturbations.
(Taken with my cameraphone in our kitchen. Happy New Year.)

“Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.”

Music: Brimful of Asha (Fatboy Slim Remix), by Cornershop, 1997. (A British band lead by Indian singer Tjinder Singh raised in UK East Midlands town Leicester.)

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