I’m alright Jack

Some people just can’t be bothered. In this case I think it’s not too much of a problem due to the fact that there is plenty of space, but conventional rules are just that: you follow the rules because everyone does, and it’s only if everyone does, that the harmony of “order” that so characterises human intelligence and civility gives rise to community and sense of belonging.

It’s when people flout these conventions that society starts to disintegrate.

It might just be harmless, but the action of this customer in the car park speaks volumes about attitude. “I’m alright Jack” means that others will notice the same, and practise the same. Order breaks down and this leads to chaos, anarchy and everyone unto themselves and not a care in the world for others. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it ….

Speaks volumes about attitude.
(Taken with my cameraphone in Morrisons supermarket car park Queensbury, London NW9.)

… or perhaps I’m just becoming more grumpy as I get older. 🙁

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